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Retailer Distribution, Pricing and Return Policies


- Inventory and Minimum Annual Sales
- Product Knowledge
- Warranty and After-Sale Policies
- Orders and Returns
- Unilateral Retail Pricing Policy


- Local Market Support
- Prepared Advertising Materials
- Retailers’ Own Advertising Materials and Programs
- Retailer-Produced Catalogs
- Trademarks



1. Distribution

Frederick Goldman, Inc. (the “Company”) is the manufacturer and sole distributor of Goldman, ArtCarved Bridal, Triton and Diana (our “brands”) jewelry. It is our current policy to market our jewelry only to stores that sell to the ultimate consumer. These specific store locations will be selected only by the Company. We have not authorized any other person to act as a wholesaler or subdistributor; therefore, any transshipment of our branded jewelry to non-authorized outlets is prohibited.

The Company’s designation of an Authorized Jeweler applies to a specific location and does not extend authorization to additional commonly-owned stores. We view each location as a unique entity. Requests for authorization of new locations must be submitted in writing to the Company. Unless officially notified by the Company of designation as an Authorized Jeweler, these locations are not authorized to sell our branded merchandise. Violation of this policy may jeopardize your existing location(s) as an Authorized Jeweler.

If you, as an Authorized Jeweler, undergo a change in ownership, ownership structure, management, or business location, your status as an Authorized Jeweler will terminate automatically. You may wish to apply for reauthorization and the Company will determine whether it wishes to begin a business relationship under the changed circumstances. If your status as an Authorized Jeweler ends for any reason, the Company reserves the right to repurchase all or part of your branded inventory at the invoiced price, including shipping.

Each party reserves the right to make decisions regarding its business in accordance with its own perception of its changing needs and interests. The Company does not enter into any franchise arrangements with Authorized Jewelers. In the absence of any written agreement to the contrary: (1) both the Authorized Jeweler and the Company are free, at any time and for any reason, to discontinue their business relationship, without cause and without notice; and (2), the Authorized Jeweler expressly acknowledges that it has no contractual right to purchase branded merchandise or to continue its status as an Authorized Jeweler.


2. Inventory and Minimum Annual Sales


Maintenance of an adequate inventory level and a representative selection of branded merchandise is essential to our marketing program. Accordingly, we require a basic stock plan consisting of an appropriate range of branded merchandise. This basic stock plan will be selected for each authorized location from collections offered by the Company. Participation in this program requires year-round stocking of all selected models, and is mandatory to retain continued status as an Authorized Jeweler. We also expect that each Authorized Jeweler will achieve a Minimum Annual Sales Volume in branded merchandise (“MASV”), at a level we will establish periodically, by locale.  At the Company’s discretion, we may establish the MASV requirements with respect to product type, number of units, and/or dollar volume.

3. Product Knowledge

Our brands offer consumers a unique value-added product package. It is important that we communicate to consumers the elements that provide this value. Therefore, all store personnel who sell branded merchandise must first receive training on the branded product and program features. Our Independent Sales Representative will facilitate necessary training.

4. Warranty and After-Sale Policies

Our warranty is a key element in delivering value to consumers and building customer loyalty. Accordingly, Authorized Jewelers must honor the warranty as it now exists and as amended from time to time.

5. Orders and Returns

All orders are subject to review and acceptance by the Company. Any return of merchandise can be made only with prior approval of our Independent Sales Representative, who must then contact the Company for final and sole authorization to issue a Return Authorization number. All returns are subject to inspection and approval by the Company before acceptance and issuance of credit. 

A refinishing and/or a restocking charge may apply.

The Company may cancel back orders at its discretion, and all back orders will be canceled automatically in the event an account is terminated. The Authorized Jeweler agrees that it will have no legal recourse in either event.

6. Unilateral Retail Pricing Policy

It is the Company’s unilateral policy to announce the suggested retail price on branded merchandise and to refuse to sell our products to dealers who sell such products at a discount of more than fifteen percent (15%).

The Company intends to independently monitor dealers’ compliance with this policy. We do not seek information from any Authorized Jeweler, nor from any other outside source regarding the pricing practices of others.

The Company’s Independent Sales Representatives do not have the authority to alter or deviate from this policy. They have been directed that they are not permitted to discuss this policy with Authorized Jewelers, nor with anyone else outside the Company. Please do not attempt to discuss this policy with them. If you have any questions, they should be directed, in writing, only to the President of the Company.



1. Local Market Support

We believe that our brands’ long-term interests are best served by local advertising practices that build brand-name recognition and customer loyalty. Accordingly, we have designed our advertising and display programs to promote in-store sales of our jewelry on a year round basis through local marketing efforts. Any advertising that does not promote these objectives is contrary to our policies. For example: use of a toll-free number, computer bulletin board, Internet site, in-flight advertising, or other media to promote branded sales outside your local area is prohibited.

Please Note: Although we permit branded advertising on the Internet and other alternative media, such advertising must still be designed to promote local sales. “Additionally, it is our policy that no product will be advertised with more than a 15% discount from the brands’ published suggested retail prices.”

2. Prepared Advertising Materials

Our brands make available to each Authorized Jeweler an advertising portfolio and specialty advertising kits. Please use these materials whenever possible. These materials cannot be modified without the written approval of our Marketing Department.

3. Jewelers’ Own Advertising Materials and Programs

Any ad layout or script that you or your advertising agency would like to propose, or any Web page or other promotion that differs from the guidelines set out in these policies, must be approved prior to production by submitting it to our Marketing Department.  Materials must be received at our office at least 14 days prior to production. The Company will provide approval and/or comments in writing.

If you plan to create your own advertisements, the following rules apply:

a.  Logo. The brand’s logo must appear in all jeweler-produced materials. To obtain a logo sheet, please contact our Marketing Department.

b.  Financial Programs/Credit Terms. Authorized Jewelers may not refer to any “Club Plans,” financial programs or credit terms in branded advertising.

c.  Pricing. If pricing is noted in advertisements, only suggested retail prices are permitted. Comments alluding to your pricing policies are not permitted.

d.  Multiple Product Ads. Jeweler-prepared branded advertising must feature the brand’s merchandise only. The Company does not permit multiple product ads featuring the brand’s jewelry in conjunction with non –branded merchandise.

e.  Picture of Product. At least one life-size (or larger) representation of branded product must be shown in each branded ad.  Authorized Jewelers must not show branded products smaller than life -size.

f.  If branded merchandise is featured on a Web page, please note that we consider the entire Web site to be a single unit. Therefore, the entire Web site must conform to these policies.

Any special branded advertising activity (such as outdoor signs, special event promotions, etc.) must first be discussed with our Marketing Department. Written approval from our Marketing Department is required before you proceed with your special advertising effort.

4. Jeweler-  Produced Catalogs

You should review your plans for catalogs with us so that we can consult on merchandise availability. The Company must pre-approve merchandise selection, circulation information, and geographical distribution. Page layouts showing branded jewelry must be submitted to our Marketing Department at least 14 days prior to the production commitment date. As with advertisements, we will provide our approval or comments concerning the layouts and circulation information in writing.

5. Trademarks

Use of Branded Trademarks. Any promotional material or other item that bears a branded trademark, and was furnished by the Company, remains the property of the Company. Consent to use the branded  trademark is granted to Authorized Jewelers on a limited basis only. The brand name may not be used as part of your store name without the written consent of the owner of the brand mark.

Suitability. All advertising or uses of branded trademarks must be tasteful, of the highest quality and enhance the prestigious image of the brand. To insure this commitment, all such advertising, promotional materials or other uses of branded trademarks must be approved in advance by the Company. The use of branded trademarks on any materials not created by the Company or approved by the Company in advance is prohibited and could result in legal action.

Change in Account Status. If an account is terminated, for any reason, the Company is entitled to the immediate return of all promotional material and other items bearing Company trademarks. If any of these items were purchased from the Company, the Company will have the option to buy back such items at the original cost, less depreciation taken on the 3-year straight line method. Under these changed circumstances, the Company will also discontinue permission for the use of its trademarks on any items (such as in store jewelry cases, outdoor displays or awnings) that are the property of the former Authorized Jeweler. All such items must be fabricated in a manner that will permit easy removal of the Company trademarks. The Authorized Jeweler agrees that it will cease immediately any use of the brand name and that the Company shall be entitled to appropriate injunctive relief, in addition to damages allowed by law, in the event that any of these provisions are not honored promptly after termination of the business relationship.



The Company may provide assistance to Authorized Jewelers in displaying branded merchandise. Selection of the in-store display materials that are appropriate for your store will be made through consultation with your Independent Sales Representative. Any display materials produced or provided by the Company remain the property of the Company and must be returned upon request.

Authorized Jewelers are required to use display materials produced by the Company and to update those displays as the Company creates new materials. If you wish to use your own displays, they must be approved in advance by the Company.

We expect that Authorized Jewelers will display an appropriate number of units and a mix of models at all times. All branded merchandise must be displayed together in one or more contiguous cases. Other manufacturers’ merchandise may not be displayed in branded trays or display units. Branded merchandise displays may not be placed under the counter.  Your Independent Sales Representative will assist you in compliance with our display policy.



We will enforce our credit terms and reserve the right to charge interest at prevailing rates on past due accounts. The Company hereby expressly rejects terms and conditions of any purchase order submitted to the Company, and will sell branded goods only upon the terms and conditions printed on Company sales invoices. Upon termination of status as an Authorized Jeweler, all outstanding balances will be payable in accordance with the terms stated on your invoice.



By placing an order after you have received these Policy Statements, you are expressly assenting to all terms and conditions stated herein. You also acknowledge that the Company may change these policies from time to time, with or without notice.



• All returns, repairs, sizing and size exchanges must be accompanied by a return authorization number, which allows verification and tracking of your return.
• Call our Customer Care Center on our toll free number to request a Return Authorization number.
• Upon shipping your branded merchandise to the Company, please write your Return Authorization number at least twice on the outside of your package.

Non-Customized Jewelry - FGI offers its customers a 30-day guarantee return policy at no cost for all non-customized jewelry products.

Applicable fee schedule listed below. 




Non-Customized Jewelry Product

30 DaysNo Fee. Credit For Product Only; not shipping or handling.
Non-Customized Jewelry ProductAfter 30 Days

20% Restocking Fee on product only; not shipping or handling.


FGI guarantees the quality of its product and offers its customers a return of any jewelry item that is deemed to have a manufacturing defect. The parameters for a defective return are:

  • A Return Authorization for a Manufactured Defect must be requested.
  • FGI reserves the right to inspect any jewelry item that is claimed as defective.
  • Any product deemed non defective will be returned with a shipping fee.
  • Normal wear and tear is not considered a manufacturing defect.
  • Defective jewelry returns require an order of equal or greater value.


Custom Charges

All custom orders are subject to an additional fee.  Please contact Customer Care at (800) 221-3232 for an estimate of the additional charges, based on your specific request.  Please note that all shipped custom special orders are final sale and non-refundable.

Personalization Charges
All personalized orders, cancelled prior to shipping, will be charged a 15% cancellation fee.  Please note that all shipped  personalized orders are final sale and non-returnable.